The Olight M20 was one of my first premium lights and I still like it.
Therefore, I couldn’t resist getting the successor, the Olight M21 as well.

What do you get:

The Olight M21 comes in a plastic case instead of the usual carton box.
The case includes the following accessories:
Holster, Lanyard, magazine for CR123 batteries,

No changes were made at the user interface.
The clicky turns the light on and off and offers momentary activation.
Twisting the head will change between the four mode, which are also the same in both light:
High, mid, low, strobe.
Sadly one difference is, that I couldn’t manage to disassemble the head of the M21.

( "*" = informations from Olight)

*Luminus SST 50 emitter
Output: *500 Lumen according to Olight,
about 300- 350 lumen OTF would be my first wild guess.

*Batteries: 2x CR123, 2x 16340, 1x 18650, 1x17670

Weight with 1x18650 battery: 169g (Olight M20 166g)
Current draw with AW 18650 (no-load voltage 4.2V): about 1,3A
Current draw with 2xCR123 (no-load voltage 6,47V): about 0,97 A

*IP68 water resistant


The M21 has a colder tint, the beam is more on the floodier side.
As for the throw, in a first visual comperation I couldn’t see much difference.
But as visual comparisons are prone to misinterpretations, don’t quote me here.

Left: Olight M20, right Olight M21

For now here is the first runtime chart with AW 18650 batteries.
The Olight M21 IMHO has a good regulation and in consideration of the higher output
also a good runtime.
I’ll post some runtime charts with CR 123 as well, as soon as I’ll have all the data together.

My WE Sniper died short after the runtime test, so I’m not sure if she was still
100% ok while I did the runtime.
So please take this chart with a grain of salt. Sorry for that.

Runtime charts with CR123 Surefire Batteries and AW 16340 rechargeables:


Given that the Olight M21 will proof to be as reliable as my M20,
I think this light is a winner.
It’s surely not a "power light" which could play in the same league with the Trunite Catapult
or the Solarforce L900m.
But being still compact enough for EDC and 50% cheaper than the Wolf-Eyes Sniper MC-E,
I think the Olight M21 would be a good choice for people who are looking for a well build
and bright multi purpose light for EDC, Camping, walking the dog and the like.

Final words:

The runtime charts where made with my home build integrated sphere
and a cheap Extech luxmeter.
A picture of my setup can be found here:

The lights where cooled by a fan during the runtime.

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse some typos and weird grammar.